What is SupplyNet

SupplyNet is a fully capable electronic web application for purchasing and paying for goods and services. It includes the ability to “shop” approved online catalogues, add items to a shopping cart and submit the requisition electronically for approval and creation of purchase order(s), which are then sent electronically to suppliers.

SupplyNet includes electronic routing for review and approval of requisitions (including non-catalog requirements) and invoice submission and processing, which completes the “Procure to Pay” process. SupplyNet integrates with PeopleSoft. 


Reasons for Implementing

The implementation of an efficient, easy-to-use solution will position the University to significantly reduce manual purchasing and payables activities and the number of available purchasing processes; improving spend visibility, management and controls.

SupplyNet will:

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the University’s organization-wide purchasing activities
  • Support savings in administrative costs across the institution and savings in the overall cost of goods and services, including the significant spend and transactions supporting University research.


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User Training

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