Suppliers - How to do Business with the University

Supply Management Services (SMS) is wholly committed to serving the needs of its academic and administrative clients in their pursuit of the University’s vision of world-class teaching and research excellence. The University of Alberta prides itself on an excellent working relationship with the Supplier community and invites Suppliers to contact SMS to discuss opportunities to provide any of the many goods and services purchased by the University.

SMS is the link between the Supplier community and the University of Alberta. SMS is the University’s purchasing authority and is authorized to enter into agreements on behalf of the University for the purchase of goods and services. For more information, please visit the Supply of Goods and Services Policy.

Procurement & Contract Management

Procurement & Contract Management is responsible for providing the University of Alberta with the most efficient and effective procurement processes and systems for goods and services. Procurement & Contract Management ensures that purchasing activity at the University complies with all applicable University policies and procedures and all applicable Federal and Provincial legislation and regulations.  

Suppliers require a University of Alberta Purchase Order or Agreement (or authorization through other approved procurement systems) prior to supplying goods or services to the University.

Competitive Bid Opportunities

The University is committed to an open competitive acquisition process and is guided by the New West Partnership Trade Agreement.


Competitive Bid Thresholds


The University advertises purchasing opportunities at thresholds indicated on the Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC) or CoolNet.

SMS Consultants/Specialists are able to advise Suppliers and Contractors on purchasing processes and invitational bid opportunities.

There are situations in which Suppliers may be prevented from doing business with the University, including: 

  • Conflict of Interest
  • Lack of required insurance, bonding or certification
  • Commitments to pre-existing contracts
  • Litigation against the University


The University of Alberta is currently undergoing significant facility expansion and renewal, which has created expanded opportunities in design, construction and trades services.  

The following outlines specific requirements related construction:

  1. Certificate of Recognition – Health & Safety Program
  2. Insurance requirements $5 million Comprehensive General Liability
    • $2 million Automobile
    • $1 million Professional Liability
    • Active account with the Workers Compensation Board
    • Bonding capacity

    The University pre-qualifies and retains Consultants and Contractors for frequently used services.  Pre-qualified or standing order groups are used for small projects.  Standing Order trades and pre-qualification opportunities are also posted on APC and CoolNet.